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Anonymous said: No, brainweird is right. This is so weak. Making people upset through the internet. Why don't you go outside and treat others like shit, see where that gets you? Lemme tell you, if I knew where you lived, I'd beat the shit out of you.

1111 Southcreek Drive, Apt 811

Round Rock, TX, 78664

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(Source: pinterest.com, via thetieguy)

(Source: pinterest.com, via thetieguy)

brainweird said: no really your trolling is so poor dude get a better hobby, feeding your community maybe?

It’s not trolling, I really think you should kill yourself.

Anonymous said: Is this a troll blog omg

No, yours is a troll blog.

voidmonster said: Please unfollow please. I am begging you. I do not feel comfortable and do not need your harassment. I'm asking kindly. Please


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White, cis, male, straight, MRA, feminist hater, woman beater, rape culture enthusiast, cripple beater, autist assaulter, white supremacy upholder, nazi, anti-LGBT, tranny stomper, 4channer, neruotypical, rapist, misogynist, fat shamer, and proud.